Random Facts About Me

I am Vegan. For 5 years now. My favorite dish is anything and everything to do with pasta!


My Significant other works in a kitchen.. therefore, I have my own personal chef 😉 I do cook though.


We recently welcomed a new addition to my family. Our little boy Sebastian.


I am the mom of two fur babies. Lilly a 13 year old Bichon Frise & Vincent a Siberian Husky (he’ll be a year  old soon).


I am very family oriented! I love helping my family when I can. I am the first of 5 children and my youngest sibling is 21 years apart from me.


I love watching Historical Dramas. Favorite movie is Pride & Prejudice and my favorite show is Downtown Abbey.


I enjoy all that nature has to offer. I always have a window open and if weather permits I will be outside walking.


Weirdest thing about me is, I collect clothing tags… Odd, I know however, I have always collected them for some reason.

My Passion

I am a full-time Lifestyle & Candid photographer.

Specializing in Family & Milestone Portraits.

Located in New Braunfels, TX and the surrounding areas.


My passion for photography started back when I was in high school. I took a photography class where I learned about the camera and how to use editing programs. This was just the beginning of my journey with learning all there is to know about taking photos. I started taking pictures as a hobby and in 2014 I attempted to start my own photography business, which I soon learned I knew nothing about how to run a thriving business. So, I went back to educating myself, which brings us to today! I still have a lot to learn although, I am proud to call myself a full-time photographer.


My longterm goal and dream is to one day become a birth photographer! However, at this current moment I enjoy taking pictures of individuals and families during their most treasured memories. I feel honored and blessed to be a small part of each and everyones wonderful life.